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This is the main collection for 501 and Co., 501 Home. All candles in this collection will be available year round. The scents were customized and created by us. We wanted to create scents that you are not able to get elsewhere so people feel closer to 501. For our cream tins, we are using a container blend which allows us to provide you with enough scent to fill up your rooms and homes. We will be constantly adding to this collection throughout the months and years to come. It will always be something new, exciting and exclusive!
  • Customer Review: Vivian R.

    My favorite scent!! This scent fills the room like no other omg. My apartment smells so good and the scent lingers on long after the candle has been blown out! <3

    Product: Little Secrets

  • Customer Review: Roy V.

    Let me tell you - after a long day of work and lighting this bad boy. It immediately fills my living room with the subtle scent of comfort and smells so luxurious. Definitely one of a kind that I haven’t smelled from any other candle line. A PERFECT GIFT!

    Product: Little Secrets

  • Customer Review: Steve T.

    "I absolutely enjoy this scent! It gives a fresh smell to your room of choice and it lingers throughout your house for some time. The presentation of this candle was very professional and packaged well. I can't wait to order more!"

    Product: New Haven

  • Customer Review: Abijah S.

    Smells absolutely good and the scent lasts for a long time.

    Product: 501 Wax Melts

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